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[FINISHED] Maintenance: Mar, 8th 2023 08:30 GMT: Premium.CDN cluster configuration change

Rapid.Space Maintenance. Read the article for real time information.
  • Last Update:2023-03-08
  • Version:001
  • Language:en

08/03/2023 14:00 GMT: Premium.CDN cluster configuration changed finished

We finished the configuration changes of the Premium.CDN cluster. All system are fully operational.

08/03/2023 09:25 GMT: Premium.CDN cluster proactive side maintenance

During the planned maintenance we found out that some nodes of the cluster were on extremely high memory usage. In order to avoid eventual memory issue, we proactively restarted some of the nodes in Europe and North America. We tried to minimize any impact, but short service interruption could be seen around the provided time.

08/03/2023 08:30 GMT: Premium.CDN cluster configuration change

We are going to extend the Premium.CDN cluster configuration. We will add spare nodes on each machine. This operation is not expecting any downtime.